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MVES Sphere 5

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About the Job:

The position is for a niche topic instructor as independent contractor/freelancer who can benefit from the vast and varied promotions the platform service has to offer. The instructor obtains opportunities as free access to social networking, promotions, talent management, and Learning Management tools. The specific role is to represent the priority of service/value/delivery ratio and to actively use the platform-specific portfolio products to then propagate both the unique profile and organization.


–teach a niche topic, as for English or variable foreign language

–actively instrumentalize multimedia strategies and tools to enhance learning

–use engaging teaching style and constructive pedagogic methods

–maintain active records of progress, learning materials, and related data elements.

–conduct research or update content on topic being addressed

–represent service concept of quality/value/outcomes delivery


preferable is a college degree related to subject, as Associates, Bachelors, or higher

minimal is High School Diploma with AP courses in the subjects and good GPA.

for applicants with HS equivalencies the recommendation is to work toward AA degree or demonstrate

alternate method of competence.

Please fill out the form below, optionally attach resume/cv, and review posted guidelines for independent contractors per California AB5 law

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